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Abstract City Hall: a city seen in part and in whole

I’ve posted several articles  on the work that The Willow Arts Community (whom were recently honoured, along with Rodman Hall, at the OAAG Awards) and they’re an active group with various projects ongoing. Hopefully you attended Songs From The Willow, … Continue reading

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Moving Through Space: Motion at STC City Hall

I am a walker. When I’ve lived and visited other cities or towns, I make a point of exploring in this manner, seeing things and being within a space, to know a place. This was entertaining when I’d visit the … Continue reading

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We Are Fiction Non Fiction: Avery Mikolič- Rourke

It will come as no surprise that I don’t always behave in the prescribed manner in gallery spaces (perhaps this is because, at an early age, I absorbed Atwood’s idea about how galleries are such serious, dour spaces that seem … Continue reading

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Why I am difficult, so often: a response to hatred and hate mail

This article is appearing at my blog, not at The Sound, for a reason that will become clear when you’ve read the piece. This is on me, no one else. Your intepid #artcriticfromhell owns who he is and what he … Continue reading

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Conor Mac Neill’s Tall Tales (and Tails)

Conor Mac Neill’s exhibition Canadian Myths and Legends appeals both to adults and children, playing upon stories that we heard as children and that still resonate with us, and this place, now. Continue reading

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