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Intent and Accidents: Arnie McBay

Arnie McBay’s work is contradictory, an ‘argument’ between ‘signs’ with a surrendering to process that manifest in both drawn and digital images. He’s the focus of our latest artist feature at The Sound Continue reading

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[re]making her [stories]: Carolyn Wren

Carolyn Wren’s massive retrospective Task at Hand, curated by Marcie Bronson, is an exhibition that is both visually and conceptually enticing. Continue reading

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From local to national: Walker Industries Art Competition at the Pumphouse

The current exhibition at the Niagara Pumphouse Art Centre is a contrasting collection of works, though there are definitive conceptual and formal lines that can be drawn between the twenty five artists on display. Before I offer some impressions and … Continue reading

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Chapter 4: Who cares? Why bother? The existential issue of writing about art in a small community (or how the Emperor has no clothes)

My contribution to Professor Mona Holmlund’s book on Visual Culture in Saskatchewan, from 2016. Continue reading

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