The latest show: upcoming and now

January 2 2013 Categorized Under: Radio

This week’s radio show, and I’d just remind people again that due to copyright issues, the song I play this week by Leonard Cohen, “That don’t make it junk”, is something you’ll have to hum yourself or sing with your friends if you download the show. Here’s some images for a few things I mention. And although I don’t have all the information yet, LUGO is happening again this year, on the 12th of January. Check out what the Mendel has so far about this event, at their site.

I also give you a link for a show I’m really looking forward to, as well: Janet Werner at the College Gallery. She taught at the U of S back when the “main painter” wasn’t some flaccid joke who does day glo paintings of snorkeling vacations – back when there was something that resembled a real department…but several shows coming up in 2013 will allow for this to be contrasted and compared, just like an exam, you might say. Alison Norlen, really the only worthwhile studio prof at the U of S, will be showing at the Mendel in the new year, fresh from Nuit Blanche in Toronto, and there will be an exhibition of Susan Shantz’ plagiaristic discourse in technology at the Kenderdine this year, too. Fertile ground is being provided for the art department to demonstrate why it should be funded, or why it should be dispersed: let’s see how that plays out.