Happy Valentine’s Day…

…and, as I’ve said on Twitter, I won’t be going to see Fifty Shades of Grey but will re read Georges Bataille’s L’histoire de l’oeil. I like my smut to be really pervery (it’s a word).

Amazingly enough, I may be doing it alone, but I am open to a reading date, ahem. But I have a tradition of making and sending Valentine’s cards every year. A friend talks about it here. So, in light of that, here’s this year’s version. Feel free to share and share alike and the image links to a larger version.


A Word / Spring 2014 Relaunch and Redesign

As some of you may have (hopefully) noticed, the blog and the site have been done for a little while, while I did some maintenance and transfer, and also used the opportunity to decide what the blog should, could and can be, as regards fostering debate about art in Saskatoon. So, in light of that I’ve “retconned” the blog to be from 2014 onwards and will be looking to explore a few more topics and ideas that intersect with Saskatoon’s “site of contested narratives”. Hence there is now a category specifically labeled “Politics”, so that should be interesting, in light of this place and my own, and its own, histories….

There are several people to thank: Troy Gronsdahl, who is to credit or blame for the original incarnation of the A Word, and supplying support both technical and moral. It is funny to remember the conversation at Alexanders years ago that led to all this…

Enjoy. And suggestions, input and other ideas are always welcome.