Andréa Létourneau | Women

ANDRÉA LÉTOURNEAU | WOMEN was the sixth in the series of exhibitions focused upon Niagara visual artists that I’m curating for the space at Mahtay Café & Lounge in downtown St. Catharines.

This exhibition was on display for the month of May, 2023, in downtown St. Catharines at 241 Saint Paul Street.

The words of the artist: This series represents the beginning of one self, arising from darkness, flourishing into this new femininity and reclamation of power.
Heavily influenced by the changing in season, not only physically but metaphorically to a new path of positivity and lightness.

Andréa Létourneau graduated from York University’s fine arts program. Since 2015, she has distinguished herself in the Niagara Peninsula with her original and varied productions.

I’ve included installation images of the show from both daytime and night, as the rich, dark textures and the faces within these works shifted depending on the lighting of the space.

More about Andréa Létourneau’s art and practice can be seen here, at her site.