Chris Reilly : LOVE | LOST

The July exhibition at Mahtay Cafe – as part of my continuing series in downtown St. Catharines focused upon Niagara visual artists – was CHRIS REILLY : LOVE | LOST.
This was a very brief exhibition that was only on view for a little over two weeks in July of 2023. These are all new paintings : Reilly usually produces smaller works, so this was all work created especially for this exhibition.

Reilly’s words about his work :

“All my paintings are conceptual self portraits, of a particular moment in time, my history and experiences.
My artworks are less informed by other artists (as I’m primarily self taught) but more defined by my day to day life and the individuals around me, and my interactions with them. In many ways, my pieces are shaped by circumstances and emotions (depression, isolation, despair) and the artwork itself is more process oriented: the piece is a visual result of my feelings expressed through the act of creating the work.”

Reilly has exhibited his work around the Niagara Region and has an ongoing project of interventions into the public sphere with his stickers that relate to his art practice but also speak to larger social issues. You’ve likely encountered his stickers around the city of St. Catharines or around Niagara.

Chris Reilly and I sat down some time ago to talk about Reilly’s practice for curated. That conversation can be seen here. You can see more of Reilly’s artwork at his IG here.

His artworks are for sale here.

This was the eighth exhibition in my continuing series of shows installed in the downtown of St. Catharines platforming Niagara visual artists. These shows will continue into 2024.