Tamara Sutton | Selected Works

Tamara Sutton | Selected Works was the twelfth exhibition in my continuing series in downtown St. Catharines at Mahtay Café & Lounge platforming Niagara based visual artists. It also marked a full year of this curatorial project. These will continue through 2024.

These artworks were on view from mid November to mid December 2023

The words of the artist :

Tamara Sutton is a self-taught artist who has had a passion for creating since a very early age. She creates using various mediums, but gravitates mostly to Encaustic (which is an ancient painting medium made of beeswax, damar resin).

Sutton’s love of Encaustic stems from the organic nature of the medium, the aromas of the melting beeswax, the texture and ability to incorporate items into the layers of the wax.

She is inspired by nature and the beautiful Niagara Region she calls home : she finds joy and contentment through the wonder of creation.

More of her work can be seen here.

As always, my gratitude to the artists and to the venue and staff for their support.

The images here are a mix of installation shots and images from Sutton’s site : the nature of Sutton’s paintings – both in terms of Encaustic but also the colours and detail – means they’re best experienced in person, so come by tomorrow night and chat with the artist.