Curated Now & other projects

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve not done a new post at my site for nearly half a year. This is not because I’ve not been publishing or writing about visual arts – the opposite, in fact, as I’ve had a busier period in my life in terms of writing than ever before, in my career as an arts writer and curator.

The majority of my writings, these days, are going towards an online publication, of which I’m a contributing editor: these can be found at Visit that site, and you can enjoy some longer features, as well as shorter Curator’s Picks (focused upon one image, by an artist) and From My Library, where different art books (and we have a loose definition of that) are also highlighted.

As well, the ongoing Artists You Need To Know series, that I’ve been working on with AIH Studios, has allowed me to research and publish about some significant artists (Canadian and otherwise) on a weekly basis. These can be enjoyed here.

Since it’s in my nature to be working on multiple projects simultaneously, I must also add that I’ve curated an exhibition of works, online, from the Rodman Hall Art Centre Collection. That interactive virtual exhibition can be experienced here and is titled A Place To Stand: Legacy of Rodman Hall Art Centre Collection.

I will be attempting to transfer some of these writings over to my own site, but to see what I’m writing, in terms of immediate updates, I suggest you follow me on Instagram, where I share nearly all of the pieces I publish (or links to them, to be exact). My IG is @gazzolabart, and I post regularly there (including how I’ve been sharing specific works from my RHAC exhibition, with further notes and commentary about them).

If you’re familiar with my IG account, you also know my continuing series of shopping cart pictures, which I like to title ‘taking pictures of what’s left when the world ends.’ Recently, PhotoED Magazine did a feature on my work, and the ideas behind this series, and you can see selections from that at my Instagram account, or at PhotoED Magazine’s site.

I will be keeping this site, and am planning to perhaps add some of the aforementioned pieces to the posts here. There will also be exhibitions and artists on a more regional level that I will want to feature here, too.

But, until that time, those interested in my writings are encouraged to follow me on Instagram, where it’s easier to get updates on my criticism and features for various publications.

The header image for this piece is Lara Vychuzhanina’s The life of Barbie and Ken in the Soviet Union, 2017: I wrote about this, as a Curator’s Pick, here.