Change. Change. Chaaaaange.

“Change. Change. Change. Change … change. Change. Chaaange. When you say words a lot they don’t mean anything. Or maybe they don’t mean anything anyway, and we just think they do.” (Gaiman)

“I’m going to dance now, I’m afraid.” (Gaiman)

As some of you may have noticed, it has been a little while since there’s been an update to this site. This hasn’t been because I’ve not been writing, but since the last months of 2017 I’ve been taking on a more active role with The Sound, as the Assistant Editor, which includes being able to now post articles there. There’s many amazing writers whom contribute to The Sound, so check it out (Emily Spanton‘s ongoing series about drug addiction merits your attention and this recent dissection of the upcoming Ontario Election by Patrick Crummey is very good).

In light of that, I’ll be doing less updates here, but encourage you to visit The Sound‘s site, and as I said, there’s many things happening there, in terms of local visual arts coverage.

I must add that the Post Industrial Landscape photo series is expanding, and that’s also wonderfully time consuming (and very enjoyable. This past week two new contributors have passed on wonderful images, and a recent suggestion of having an “intern” to help make a PDF of the current status of the project was suggested by someone, I think, who wants the “job”). A new tiny cart has come into my possession and will be travelling east, while the original tiny cart is on its way back from Saskatoon and Winnipeg, with images documenting this. My Instagram is the best place to see my ongoing photo work.

A teaser: I will be resuming doing pod casting in the near future. These will be posted here, for download or sharing or just your enjoyment or offence, edit as you will. This is an endeavour facilitated through the Niagara Podcaster’s Network, an award winning group worthy of your support.

A further teaser: there are some complications regarding my contribution to Art From The Margins: A New Perspective on Visual Culture in Saskatchewan. I may post my chapter here, as that’s a place that I need to wash the filth of, from my feet, for good, and this solicited chapter is the last ligament to be severed to allow for evolution and growth….or like a hairball to be expunged, for further breathe.

A shameless plug: The St. Catharines Arts Awards are happening this June, and Chris Illich (Publisher, Managing Editor) has been nominated and The Sound has also been nominated as Patron. Thank you, for this, and we look forward to continuing to support our community, as it supports #wearethesound.