Sydney Jarrett | @new.flesh | To Teeter – Totter Alone

TO TEETER-TOTTER ALONE : NEW PAINTINGS BY SYDNEY was on view at Mahtay Café & Lounge for the month of February 2023, in downtown St. Catharines at 241 St. Paul Street.

An excerpt from their artist statement:

“This series of paintings are all defined and shaped by the themes of mental health, most notably my own experience of bipolar disorder.
I execute this by relying heavily upon the imagery – and metaphors – of love, and how they fit within, define and challenge the highs and lows of depression and mania, both in a personal but also wider manner. Love is such a universal emotion that this is a good place to stand, and invite others to consider my own, and our perhaps shared, experience.”

The full statement can be seen below.

This is the fourth in an ongoing series of exhibitions I’m curating for Mahtay Café showcasing Niagara based artists. This exhibition following Sandy Fairbairn’s images of St. Catharines offers a switch from how Fairbairn depicted an exterior world, whereas Sydney is showing us an interior one.

There was also an article in the St. Catharines Standard about this exhibition, which can be see here.

More of the artist’s work can be enjoyed at their IG : @new.flesh.