Geoff Farnsworth | Selected Paintings

GEOFF FARNSWORTH | SELECTED PAINTINGS was on view from early December until the end of January 2024.

The words of the artist :

“My visual art style first began to take shape at the Art Students League in New York City where I trained from 1997 to 2002. After painting in the realist classes from the live human model, I began working in the abstract painting studios. Working mostly under William Scharf, who had been the protégé and studio assistant to Mark Rothko, a direct line of New York Abstract Expressionism began to meld into my figurative work with a spirit for process, experimentation, and colour.

Living and painting for the last decade in St. Catharines, my latest work has been exploring relationships between humans and animals in amorphous settings between Nature and the man-made.

The collection of paintings shown here varies from older work made while training in the U.S., through periods of painting in Toronto, Thunder Bay, and up until today.”

You can enjoy more of Geoff’s work here at his site.

I offered some thoughts about Geoff’s artwork (and one of the works that is in this show specifically) for a past Curator’s Pick for curated. That can be enjoyed here.

As always, my gratitude to the artist and the venue : this is the 13th exhibition in my continuing series showcasing Niagara based visual artists in the downtown St. Catharines space. This series – as of this writing – has artists slated until early 2025.