MABO | Poetry Within Colour

Matthias Bork a.ka. MABO | POETRY WITHIN COLOUR is on view at Mahtay Café & Lounge in downtown St. Catharines for the month of October 2023.

The words of the artist :

“POETRY WITHIN COLOUR is a continuation of my series POETRY IN COLOURS.

While not all of my works contain rhymes or poetry, I believe in the harmony of colours, my ability to write a poem without using words. There’s a lot to learn about my art. Too many artists make art political, because they believe great artists have always held the same conviction as they themselves do. For me, even though my paintings and the written words within, come with a message, I refuse to be a “trendoid” and the last thing I am trying to accomplish is political. When it comes to what it means, no stuffy expert in the world has a right to tell you what you should think about a painting. For me, the beauty, the dialog and harmony of colours are much more important. Art is subjective, so keep your mind free and trust your eyes and heart. Whatever comfort or delight you get from a painting is your business. What it says, it says to you. My art was not created to match your décor but to speak to your soul.”

This exhibition marks a full year for my continuing curatorial project in downtown St. Catharines platforming visual artists in the Niagara Region. My gratitude to the both the artists and the venue for their support on this front.

More of this artist’s work can be seen here.