This was the fifteenth exhibition in my continuing series platforming Niagara based visual artists.

The words of the artist :

‘With my paintings I want to bring beauty into the world. Through the use of colour and form, whether it’s on a canvas, a piece of wood or a mural on the wall, I aim to share that beauty with others.

My inspiration for these works is founded in my own experiences, whether my travels, the natural world that I experience or the supernatural world.

Usually I capture my ideas onto paper with a sketch, and once the sketch is transferred onto the canvas I let the paint and colours take on a life of its own until It’s finished.

With my works I try to remind the viewer that there’s beauty all around us and to make the space wherever my paintings are, a bit better than before it was there.’

More of his work can be seen at his IG here..

I would like to thank the City of St. Catharines, specifically their SCCIP Program, for supporting this endeavour.